Hello World!

Hello!  This is Jenn Hayhurst, Literacy Coach and Jill DeRosa, Third Grade Teacher.  We work in an elementary school on Long Island, New York.  So we started this blog because we want to use it as a way to collaborate and reflect on our teaching practices.  We are also hoping that we can collaborate with other teachers as we put our ideas out there and learn about what others are doing too. Basically, we are trying to create a window into our lives as teachers in a public school system and we are very curious to know what you all are doing too!   We hope to cultivate partnerships built on similar values and work together to:

  • Link research to practice
  • Generate a culture of learning and expectation for tangible work
  • Open a discussion to share our insights and feelings about day-to-day work
  • Creating a learning culture within our school & to participate in a more global discussion using social media