Everyone Needs A Deadline


So, I was at Downtown Disney over the break and there were inspirational quotes all along the walls where construction deadlineswas being completed.  I took a number of pictures of them because I knew they would come in use at a later date either for me or with my students.  Of course, the first thing I did was send them to Jenn for us to talk about, confirm our beliefs/practices and for inspiration.  Well, I immediately thought of this quote yesterday when we were trying to get our post done by the deadline.  Personal items in our lives were making it difficult but “Everyone needs a deadline”.  This was so true for us.  We felt the pressure and it pushed us to finish the post and publish it on time not put it off for another day.

When I read the post this morning, I noticed that in our attempt to make our deadline, our editing suffered.  There were a few mistakes that got past us.  Again, I started to make connections; connections to my students and their editing in the classroom.  We have written posts about how we can improve and maintain spelling and editing with students.  During this experience, I felt like we were in the shoes of our students.  We were working so hard on putting our ideas together, making it interesting for our audience and trying to maneuver so many different things that editing took a back seat.  I could see how easy it is for our students to do the same thing especially with a deadline.  I think noticing the errors this morning was an important part of the process.  How can we mirror this with our students?  How can we make them aware of the importance of editing?

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