Daily Archives: March 13, 2015

We’ll Never Forget TED: Technology Entertainment Design

So what does TED stand for?

Even with the most thorough planning we couldn’t  prepare for everything.  The first question they asked was: “What does TED stand for?”   Uhhhh….. that’s a good question. The most obvious question; and we didn’t have an answer.  Small details can elude us when we’re planning big work.  There we had it, a teachable moment – let them see that you don’t always have the answers.  In life they won’t always have answers show them that curiosity requires some work and follow up on their queries. We believe this is what empowers students, vesting ourselves in their questions gives them value.  Teachers don’t have to always be in the lead, the key to formative data is to step back and observe and listen.  Kidwatching is an overused term almost taken for granted idea – but how often do we actually make it part of our planning?Tenis Cri

We listened – here are some discoveries we made today:

  • Khayyam uses Python to code
  • Mia’s cousin used coding in Minecraft
  • Aidan’s brother created an app for a school project
  • Our class would love to create our own app
  • Students wanted the teachers to do a TED Talk too

Each discovery elevated the status of the child who shared it.  This wasn’t on the lesson plan but we wouldn’t change it.

We observed- here are some discoveries we made today:

  • Kids listened with rapt attention during Thomas Suarez’s TED Talk
  • Kids totally focused on note taking-getting all the details correct
  • High engagement level for all
  • Students adding on to other students’ ideas

Each discovery confirmed how far they have come since the beginning of the year and now they are ready for this new, big work.

We shared what TED stands for: Technology, Entertainment, Design. This was followed by many “Ohhs….that makes sense!”  Off they went, busily making their own plans and we have an assignment to complete too.  Stay tuned for our TED Talk.