Small Opportunities Bring Big Inspiration

disneymouseWhen we saw this quote, we immediately began to reflect on our students and the things that inspire them.  Walt Disney was inspired by one little mouse and look at where this inspiration took him.  Our students have this same opportunity; a chance to take something ordinary and unexpected and turn it into something amazing.  As we watch our students, we see their curiosity lead them on the search for answers to their questions and to discoveries that inspire them to greatness.  We see remarkable things happening in our classroom each and every day and we can only hope that the small things that inspire them will  lead to a future as bright as that of Walt Disney.

2 thoughts on “Small Opportunities Bring Big Inspiration

  1. Inspiration can come from small moments … that’s what is so interesting about teaching — we don’t always know which moment will be “the moment” for a kid. We go with the hope that something will stick and become the seed.

  2. Wow you said that so well – you’re right that is how teachers engage with students. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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