Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Making Meaning One Word at a Time

Tomorrow we will be co-teaching a lesson as a followup to spelling.  We want children to see that parts of words have meaning –  this is why we are focusing on prefixes and suffixes.  This work has been ongoing in the classroom as a strategy for word solving and making meaning.  We want to bring it up a notch as we want the kids to become more aware of subtle meaning embedded in words.

This is how we see the lesson going:

  • We will tell the children to come to the carpet with a text to work with.Suffix Prefix
  • Connect- Compliment their reading- you have been reading more complicated text and working really hard at finding meaning
  • Teaching Point- Today we want to teach you how parts of words can help you understand its meaning.  These parts can come before the word (prefix) or after the word (suffix).
  • Active Engagement
  1. To: We will introduce 5 prefixes and 5 suffixes to the children which will be displayed on the ENO board.  We are going to name it, define it, give a visual representation and a gesture.  This will address different learning styles and provides multiple avenues for engagement. We will also use a mentor text to locate  2 examples and explain how this helps us understand the meaning.
  2. With:  We will go through this list again with the children.  We will all chant the prefix or suffix and then make the gesture.  By having the children say it we are making phonological imprints and by having them act it out we are using gross motor.  This can later serve as a non-verbal clue. We will also give 2 more examples from the mentor text but this time they will turn and talk with a partner to discuss how this helps them find meaning.
  3. By: The children will be given an opportunity to read their books looking for prefixes and suffixes that they can collect on post its and add to our display.  They will provide a brief explanation on how this helped them with meaning.


  • Link- Today as you go off to read, we want you to be careful readers that look for these prefixes and suffixes and think about how they impact meaning. If you think you are ready you can go off and begin but if you want to try another example please stay on the carpet.
  • Share- Students will be given the opportunity to share the prefixes and suffixes they have located, explain how it helped with meaning and then add it to our class display.