An Afternoon Commute

I live pretty far from work so I have a pretty substantial commute.  I listen to a lot of public radio  to pass the time.  Today  a poet was being interviewed about her process, she reflected on her art and read some of her work.  NPR does a really great job and I encourage you to check it out:

It made me think about how much I love poetry – reading it and writing it -and I was left feeling inspired to share one of my pieces.  It can be difficult to share poetry – it comes from a deep place that when exposed and vulnerable.  This just reminds me that this is how some students feel each time they volunteer to talk so that is where I can gather my courage to share with you today:


Driving and running

lists – work unfinished

A  good day

Wandering thoughts of

spring trees & brown leaves

Hanging still and limp

On ripe brown branches

Waiting for release

A season’s promise

Believe me

There is always so

much appreciation




4 thoughts on “An Afternoon Commute

  1. funny enough, I was listening to a piece on wnyc today about a dancer. She choreographed a piece that was performed last night. Listening to her, I had a similar thought about process and the thoughtful intentions she poured into her work. Process really is something that unites our experiences as writers, artists, etc.

  2. Lovely poem, and I completely appreciate the insights that you have about students and the scariness of putting our writing out there. It’s funny–I just read a post about fall leaves from Alan Wright who lives in Australia. It was a strange juxtaposition.

  3. Agreed process and intention and that is also what we bring to our teaching – that’s why it’s a craft.

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