It’s Push Not Pull

As teachers we come to the table with ideas, and vision – and PushPullwe cannot allow our own motivations to completely cloud the collaborative process.   When we have an open mind, we open the door to a plurality of thinking which offers unexpected benefits. When we truly embrace the idea of a growth mindset we reject static thinking – and especially when new thinking comes along that challenges vision.    As it goes with many great opportunities this one sort of fell from out of the blue.  We are getting ready to launch into the Mystery UoS in third grade.  We posted our initial plans and an amazing thing happened.  A member of our @twitter PLN took a seat at our table! Jenna Hansen offered to share her resources, and thinking with us. Some of her resources were shared from another dedicated teacher, Ericka.   This amazing show of generosity & collegiality  is why we love social media.  If you are active on Twitter Jenna is a must follow: @jehansen13.

Put some motivated teachers in an room, even when it’s a virtual room, amazing work can happen.  Our takeaway from this process is a revelation – to teach mystery with an emphasis on lessons learned – alongside  an in depth character analysis.  Opening our eyes to new and exciting possibilities that were made possible through the sharing of ideas.

Think of this new age of collaborative work that hinges on inquiry as if you were entering a building – you know that awkward moment when you struggle with the door?  Someone next to you jokes push don’t pull.  Yes, push your thinking. No, don’t pull away from the table. Embrace this new paradigm, look around, find your voice- this is what it is to be a teacher in the 21st Century.

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