Keeping it All in Focus – Reflecting & Revising Mindsets

Student reflection is an important focus in our classroom and is interwoven into our daily learning.  We are currently working in informational book clubs.  We begin this work with choice, groups have been tasked to pick a topic; they have to gather information and assume the role of the  scientist that would study this topic in the real world.   It culminates into a final presentation where all group members teach the rest of the class about their topic.  This work involves  multi-source research, creation of models to represent ideas and a lot of collaborative planning.

While meeting with our ENL provider, we were discussing how this work was going and evaluating our observations around the process.  He suggested that adding a rubric about mindset  as a tool for reflection would be an interesting next step to this work.  At first it was suggested that they should evaluate each other as group members but after much thought we decided it would be more powerful if it were a self reflection.  Below is the rubric we created.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 8.56.56 PM

Tomorrow we will try it out.  The plan is to launch personal reflections after book club.  Since this is a new routine, we are going to go through the reflection process as a whole class each student reflecting individually on themselves.  We will let you know how it goes.


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