Guest Bloggers – Voices From the Classroom

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Why do this?

Sometimes in school, you feel like you need a change and you want to do something different.  This made me think of doing something fun and educational. I made 15 minutes of creativity because the kids seemed like they were going into space.  A time when you can make something related to what we did in school. You have your own thing you can pick. You have choice


First, we gave them an introduction of what they were going to do and told them the rules.


  1. Five pieces of paper maximum
  2. 15-20 minutes
  3. Make an educational craft
  4. Stay focused and have a plan
  5. Be open to share with anyone

We gave out paper and let them go off to do what they wanted to do.  At first they were kind of grabby for the paper but when the kids were more into it they got along.  It was kinda messy but clean at the same time.  Their ideas were going everywhere but they weren’t making that much of a mess with the paper. I thought it was a good first day because they were doing something educational and weren’t fooling around.

Shout out

I would like to show you a piece of work one of the kids in my class did.  A kid in my class wrote about I Survived  and connected it to so many different genres.  You know when you mix a book and a movie, it is kinda like you swish them together.  The one thing that grabbed me was an index card showing me the connection.  It was like a small book that is interesting and doesn’t bore the reader.  I liked it because it wasn’t just blank and hard to understand.  Her work was more understandable and you could understand every single word she said.


All the kids did something educational.  Kids seemed nervous at first.  Just like a car, slowly then fast.  The kids were nervous, slowly they got into their work.  At the end they were like “Awww!”  Some kids were really up for a challenge.  I noticed a specific kid who is always  happy and is open to everyone but sometimes she is shy.  She feels very confident about her work and enjoys writing and reading. That made me think that people like her could do whatever they put their minds to and this gave her a chance to do it.  She was able to do what they wanted to do and she finished.  Also, I noticed a lot of kids did math related things and I thought they could do something different the next time.  I really think they worked hard and you can tell they wanted to do it.